My Mergent Tools

It is in the My Mergent Tools section of Mergent Online that you will find a number of both familiar and brand new functionalities including four tool lists and the ability to create comparison reports based on a personally defined list of companies rather than the general industry list developed for you in the Report Builder tab. 

It consists of four tool categories accessible through a drop down menu available on the right hand portion of all company level pages.  To view the categories, click the parent_maximise.gif in the My Mergent Tools box to expand the tools drop down list.  The categories are:

§  Add Alert – If you would like to search for another company by name to add an alert for, but do not want to return to the search pages, simply type the company’s name or ticker symbol into the text box at the top of the page.  A window will automatically display as you type to show you the matches available for the letters or names you type.  Click on a specific company to go directly to that company’s alert list preference page where you can set alert items as detailed above.